LabAid urgently needs more volunteers within easy reach of our store in Amersham-on-the-Hill.

You don’t need any particular skills, other than an ability to turn up regularly one or two afternoons per week.

If you happen to be a scientist or engineer or are a former school science teacher or technician we probably have specialist jobs you could do - checking, testing or repairing equipment.

However, even if you didn’t do science at school, or didn’t understand it, you would still be very useful, for example helping us to pack boxes of equipment. Last year, we sent out about 12 boxes per month to needy schools, but with more volunteers we could send out more.

If you live in or near Amersham please e-mail us NOW at labaidfoundation@labaid.org.

If you don’t live nearby, please make contact if you have some ideas about how you might be able to support us at a distance.

Please contact us, wherever you live!